Let’s be honest, chances are you already have an idea of who we are.

Morten Pedersen: It is my job to decode the forces at play in the media world. Over 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with over 900 esteemed brands. From every vantage point, I’ve negotiated remarkable value and transparency to media investments worth $35Bn accross the globe. Through 121 advisory and mentoring, I transform client-side media capabilities.

Annie Mandieni: I learned the media trade from within the confines of prominent holding groups’ trading arms. Over a span of fifteen years, I guaranteed the fulfillment of pre-agreed value commitments to key clients. I provided guidance on commercial obligations in pitches. Today, I provide comprehensive performance analytics and insights to advertisers across the globe.

Partners: We operate globally from our offices in London and Paris. When scopes fall outside of our expertise, we can introduce carefully curated partners.

In-housing: We occasionally fill media director positions on a part-time and temporary basis. Any such engagements allow for existing client commitments to be honored.