The ad that launched a thousand memes

A world of perfect Cola dreams,

Where people sang and clients preened

The perfect ad – or so it seemed.

And yet beneath that naive pitch

Was something deep and real and rich,

Though written on a napkin still

A great idea that time can’t kill.

So what became of all that pride?

Replaced by Facebook likes and snide

Back-slapping jaunts to Cannes

To toast how tech has usurped man.

This is not how we need to fight

To save ourselves from Adblock’s might.

We cannot blame somebody else

For injuries brought on ourselves

We need to get the feeling back

To pull the plug on ideas lacking

Any pride in what we had

In telling friends ‘I made that ad!’

We have to fix what we unmade,

To fill the gaps where wordsmiths played,

It’s time to ditch Kardashian bling,

It’s time to teach the world to sing.